Products and Services

Facultative Reinsurance

Insurance Companies in the Philippines utilizes Facultative Reinsurance method extensively. This is mostly due to the extra capacity required above the automatic treaty capacity and when a risk falls outside the scope of the existing treaties.

Polaris Reinsurance Brokers provide solutions by efficiently and promptly obtaining facultative coverage from both local and foreign reinsurers for the following types of insurance products:

Fire / Property Equipment Floater
Marine (Cargo, Hull, Open Policy) Money, Security and Payroll
Miscellaneous Casualty Motor Car
Engineering Personal/Travel/Group Personal Accident
Liability Professional Indemnity

Treaty Reinsurance

Treaty Reinsurance pertains reinsurance of specified types or classes of insured exposures that are automatically “ceded” and “accepted” within the terms of the reinsurance contract.

The Philippine market requires a huge capacity for treaty reinsurance, and as an important part of each company’s capital and risk management strategy, we offer a comprehensive review of the client’s portfolio, providing them solutions and flexible types of treaty programs that meet their different risk transfer needs.